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Company/Self History

Graduated in 1972 from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art education, specializing in woodcarving and sculpture.  After graduation I started working at a printing company as a letter artist and wood carver for large advertising posters.  I worked in the graphic art industry for 15 years.   

The creation of Rail Plaque started in 1978, hand carving large-scale solid wood railroad plaques/heralds.  Shortly after the company started, I developed a line of plaques utilizing casting techniques with rubber and foam plastics.  I introduced this line of railroad heralds to the general public in 1982 and started advertising the product in 1984.  The total number of plaques available by using this casting process to date is 110 and growing.  Many railroad plaques have been utilized in decorating train rooms, dens, living rooms or customers’ entire homes.  I have sold plaques to railroad museums, restaurants and gift shops for retail sales to the public.

Model Railroading

My love for model railroading started as a small child.  Lionel trains was the base of my layout until I entered into high school.  From there I went to HO model railroading then evolved to G gauge through and after college.  I later developed a product line of carloads for the G gauge.  The carloads were retailed through the company, Columbine Hobby and distributed through Depot G Hobby.  Since then I developed a line of roadbed for the G gauge track utilizing a polyurethane foam plastic.  At the present time the roadbed is marketed under Right-A-Way Roadbed for the LGB track system.

Paul J. Calabrese, Rail Plaque Owner


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